I Wish (You Were Mine)

As I was browsing the travel blogger that inspired me to do what makes me happy (Smiley), I heard the song she had posted on her site and immediately fell in love. It took all of five minutes to find the artist. He is an unsigned/independent artist that goes by the name of Ánders. His Soundcloud may only have two songs on there, but the impact is beautiful. I highly recommend we continue to follow this artist on his musical impact on the world. I am sure his journey will be worth the watch. You can also go like his Facebook page. This guy isn’t just a basic artist, he stands for important subjects at hand. Check out his website and see for yourself.



Found this beauty on Spotify today. Check out it’s smooth mellow vibes and vocal. Rationale is based out of London and quite frankly, I can’t get enough of this song. Check out their websites below and tell me what you think.