Giving Back


Musicians around the world do not only heal us with their music. The assumptions that celebrities are shallow, materialistic and self absorbed is just our lack of knowledge. Often they use their fortune to do good. Lana Del Rey is one of them.

Alcohol was her addiction. Music is her passion.But giving back is what is most important to her.

At the young age of 14, Lana was an alcoholic.Whilebattling her addiction. Her music got her through a lot of her struggles. You can hear the pain and heartbreak through her timid bluesy voice, and her lyrics that speak to you. She is in fact very relatable to women, no matter what caused their pain and heart break. Music does heal, but she wanted more than that.

It has never been about the fame. Once she overcame her addiction, charity became her work of choice. Being a celebrity gives peopleā€¦

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