Suppin’ on Sangria,


A lot of people ask me ‘what’s the deal with sangria?’, as they invariably sip on a luminous liquid. Well for starters it should look like a drink and not a fruit salad. Trust me, I’ve seen all sort of weird and wonderful things in there; kiwis, pineapple, bananas (?) and even tequila. While it might taste nice (which I doubt – most things that contain tequila, taste like they should be used for cleaning paint brushes) it’s definitely isn’t sangria. So what does make for an authentic sangria?

Well there’s a couple of key elements:

1 – Wine. Sounds obvious, but use something that you wouldn’t be ashamed to put on the table when your mother-in-law comes round for dinner. And yes that does mean no boxed wine, wine in bags or anything except for a classic glass bottle. And don’t scrimp – in Spain that means nothing under…

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